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 Wizards of the Spiral Staff Applications are here!

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Who is interested in becoming apart of the staff? If so select which position.
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PostWizards of the Spiral Staff Applications are here!

So I've been saying I'll get some staff applications drawn up for a while now and here they are!


Currently Wizards of the Spiral is looking for..

(1) [color=#990099]Site Manager
- This position is tentative and will change and develop over time. I'm looking for someone who has a lot of ideas and can help develop the national community roleplay, the pro-bending and other acitivities (contests, livestreaming, etc). You should be good with [HTML editing] , [Designing] , [Templates] , and  [JavaScript Codes] . I will get more into depth when I choose the person for the position. You will have needed to have previous Site Manager, and Moderator experience for this position. I will need for you to show me proof of when you were in the position at the other site.

(4) Moderators
- As the forum grows, topics will need to be moved, closed, etc. This position is the most casual one, you would be free to help with forum development and ideas, but actual duties wouldn't extend beyond watching the forums and ensuring order. Tend to members needs and such Very Happy
You will be given the ban permission, and many others.

(3) Chat Moderators
- Their main role is to watch the chat to make sure no member is breaking chat or site rules. They have the power to remove/ban a user from chat and/or the site depending on what you did to get banned from the site. You should have good English skills.

(2) WOTS Artist
- This group is responsible for the artistic part of Wizards of the Spiral (WOTS). You will need to have had previous art the you have made/created. In order to get this position I will have to see some of your work.

P.S. I will be adding (Advertisers) & (Publishers) to the team very soon...

Note: Every position is capable to rising to a hire RANK if I choose or feel that it is time to do so. Smile



- I ask that you are at least 14 years old. This is to ensure a good level of maturity and responsibility, though exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis.
- You have played Wizard101 for more then a year.
- Be open and friendly with other staff; willing to accommodate scheduled chat sessions. While there will be a staff forum, the friendships between staff members is important and there's no better way to cultivate this than chatting :DSome of these sessions will be business, others just fun - most will be both!
- Time! You must be able to devote a couple hours a week for work on site projects and duties.

As a staff member you are expected..

-- to be able to answer PMs about the site (relevant to your area) and the Avatar Universe in general.
-- make announcements and keep up to date on projects, or sections you are in charge of.
-- be an active member of the community.
-- have a mature attitude towards your fellow staff and members.
--- If I feel that you are not doing what was just said your permissions will be removed, but you may still stay as a member on the site, and you may be able to receive your position back. If you show improvement overtime.


[b]Position Applying for?[/b]
Please send this as a PM or an email. Email- If you send by PM send to vVApprentice. By sending your application, you agree to fulfill the duties and abide by the guidelines of the position.

An email address (required) or a messenger (AIM/Skype preferred - optional) that you can be reached outside of WOTS itself.

[b]What are your specialties?[/b]
What are your abilities? What kind of experience (both real-world and online) do you have that would help you in this position? Coding and graphical prowess certainly aren't the be all end all - there are many qualities that are important in a diverse crew

[b]So, talk to me about the position you want, what ideas do you have?[/b] Don't be shy! I love ideas and working with others to cultivate great stuff, so elaborate all you'd like. (If I have some structure present on the forum already, take that into account and talk about how you'd make it better.)

[b]Why should you join the team?[/b]

[b]Anything extra you'd like to add?[/b]
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Wizards of the Spiral Staff Applications are here! :: Comments

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Wizards of the Spiral Staff Applications are here!

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